Travel Insurance For Backpackers And Hikers

If you have a tour in your mind and you want to travel the free way, a good backpacker travel insurance policy is a thing you must consider before tour. Backpacking trips are bit riskier than regular planned travels. So in such case good backpacker travel insurance becomes a mandatory criterion for a hassle free tour.

Most of the insurers don’t know all the benefits of insurance as they are unaware but these insurance policies help a traveler in many ways.

A Backpacker insurance policy is basically for those who are low on budget. You don’t have to pay high for regular insurance policy but you will surely get the essential coverage with backpackers travel insurance policy. It covers you and your luggage at very less cost, as this type of insurance is designed for backpackers who are known for their low budgeted and unplanned travel schedules.

Before going through you must know backpacker insurance policy and its features.

Features provided by backpacker travel insurance

There are some important features and coverage that backpacker travel insurance policy can provide, these are as follows;

In case if you have to extend you trip due to any unexpected reason, backpacker insurance covers it too.
You get all covers round the clock all the year no matter what time or circumstances are there.
If you get sick during you trip, all the medical expenses will be covered by backpacker insurance providers. Most of the time such insurance policies also covers personal incidents that occur during travel (please confirm this before buying insurance policy from you insurance provider).
Many travel insurance firms provide option to opt out which they don’t want to be covered and ask for the things which they want to be covered. This flexibility is an added advantage for insurers.
Many travel insurance firms provide the option to the insurer that what they really want to be covered in their policy. This flexibility is an added advantage for insurers.
Many backpacker tours for winter sports, some travel for scuba diving. Such adventurous sports have high risks involved which can lead you to physical damages. Covers for such sports are also available as an optional measure. You can add such sports covers in your existing insurance for added safety.
You can extend you insurance any time with a single click sitting at your home in front of your computer.
Make sure that insurance policy covers the location in which you are planning to travel. Some travel insurance companies provide insurance policies only for a certain country.
Now the biggest which every travelers generally asks is “Do I really need a backpacker insurance policy? And is it really worth it? ”

Backpacker travel insurance is surely recommended for you if you fell into any of these categories

You travel alone at places which are expected.
Your travel schedule is unexpected and never planned.
You have medical history or you are above 50 years of age.
Backpacking is surely an adventurous trip but it has its own risks too. Backpackers are very prone to injuries, robbery and related issues. There are some possible issues in which backpackers can easily get coverage. These are as follows:

Tour cancellation – Trips are cancelled many times due to many issues. Sometimes due to bad weather and sometimes due to some personal reason, one has to cancel his/her trip.

Emergency medical care – backpackers are very much prone to issue like food poisoning, diarrhea and other infections. Such diseases can lead to serious health issues which can be covered by purchasing insurance.

Accidents – accidents are common and can be occur at any time. Insurance not only covers for your injury but also the person affected by your mistake.

Theft or robbery – backpacker usually travel alone. They also stay at budget hotels. All this makes them prone to things like baggage theft and robbery.

Considering the current global scenario which is quite unsafe, having proper backpacker travel insurance is very necessary.

A backpacker insurance policy can be a great help for every traveler who wants to travel the free way. So what are you waiting for? Get a backpacker travel insurance for yourself and roam free

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How to Compare Travel Insurance Quotes

Most travellers understand the importance of travel insurance. Whether you are travelling domestically or internationally, having this type of insurance will protect you from unforeseen circumstances such as cancelled flights, lost baggage, and medical treatment.

Can you imagine getting into an accident abroad, with limited money and with no friend to turn to for help? It can be quite difficult but having proper insurance will help you get back on your feet without even putting a dent on your finances.

Now before you purchase a policy, it’s important that you compare travel insurance packages from various insurance companies. Whilst people are made to believe that all insurance policies are the same, the truth is, they’re not. You need to check certain factors before making a decision, and it is also worth your while to compare travel insurance so you will be able to find the best one for your needs.

Types of Travel Insurance

Before you make a decision to purchase insurance policy, one of the first things you need to look into is the type of insurance you will get. Of course, you need to get one that’s suited for your particular travel in terms of destination, duration, number of people travelling, and age. You can choose European only, worldwide, annual multi-trip, single trip, backpackers, business travel, winter sports, adventure travel, and long stay. You also need to decide whether you’re getting individual, couple or family insurance for people below or over 65, as well as people below or over 75.

Travel Insurance Rates

The next thing for you to consider is how much you are willing to pay for your policy. Insurance rates vary; you can get a policy for less than £2 and you can also get one for as much as £100, and it really depends on what type of insurance you’re getting as well as the coverage. To help you find the best travel insurance, it’s always recommended that you compare travel insurance quotes online. Doing so is easy, and you can get plenty of insurance quotes with just a few clicks.

Check the Insurance Company’s Reputation

Sometimes people are enticed to purchase the cheapest policy available without really bothering to check the reputation of the insurance company offering it. Don’t make that mistake. You may save money on your policy but how helpful will it be in case you lose your luggage or your flight home gets cancelled? You are better off purchasing insurance from a well established and trusted insurance company even if it will cost you a bit more. At the very least, getting travel insurance from them will give you the peace of mind you need so you can enjoy your trip completely.

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A Guide to Buying and Using Travel Insurance

Is Travel Insurance Really Necessary?

Travel is already expensive enough, isn’t it? The cost of air fare, cruises, hotels, ground transportation, food and activities and entertainment are already high enough. I don’t know about you, but I work hard for my money, and when I travel, I want to keep as much of my money in MY pocket as possible. Is travel insurance a necessity or a luxury? Why not cut a few corners here and there. Why buy something if it’s not really needed?

My personal answer is, of course, that I am not independently wealthy and can’t withstand the potential financial losses I would incur if I require medical care while I’m traveling. Not being independently wealthy also means that I’m in the market for adequate but cheap travel insurance. I suspect that you are in the same position, so you, too need cheap travel insurance. If you’re still not sure about that, consider the following.

Did you know that if you get sick or are injured while traveling abroad, your medical plan may not cover all the expenses you will incur? If the costs of treatment are higher than the maximums of your medical plan, you will be responsible for the difference, unless you have already purchased travel insurance. In fact, you may not even be admitted into hospitals in some countries without proof that you have health or medical insurance.

This is true for everyone, regardless of age or length of time abroad. Suppose you fall ill just a few hours after arriving at your destination. Or suppose you make a day-trip to another country, and you are injured in a traffic accident. Or suppose one of your children is part of a group making a class visit abroad, gets food poisoning and requires hospitalization. In all cases, without adequate travel health insurance, you will be responsible for the costs above and beyond the limitations of your existing medical plan.

Therefore, before going abroad, you need to make sure that you are adequately covered by travel medical insurance that won’t break your budget. You should check to see if appropriate coverage is already available to you through your medical plan, employee benefits, or even through a credit card. If the coverage is sufficient for your needs, then you can enjoy your trip without incurring the extra expense of travel insurance. However, if you are not sure of your coverage, or if your coverage is inadequate or non-existent, then your next step should be to research and purchase the travel insurance coverage you need.

How Much Can You Expect To Pay?

When I bought my first plane ticket to China a few years ago it cost around $2000 round-trip, and my travel insurance cost me over $500 because I didn’t shop around for cheap travel insurance online.

A few years later, a little bit older and wiser, and my travel insurance for another trip to China cost me much less–about $300 for roughly the same coverage. The difference? Before buying my travel insurance for the second trip, I shopped around online and got the coverage I needed, at the right price. If I’d have purchased my travel insurance for this latest trip from my travel agent, it would’ve cost me about $600 for the trip, and my plane tickets only cost $1,500! Not exactly the smart way to go.

So how much will it cost you? Not as much money as it will cost you if you get sick or injured abroad and you don’t have any travel insurance coverage! That’s the obvious answer to the question.

In fact, how much travel insurance costs will depend on your age and the type of coverage you choose. Basic policies cost as little as $5.50 USD per $1000 of coverage. On the other hand, you can expect a full coverage policy to cost you from 7 to 10% of the cost of your trip, depending on your age. The older you are, the more you will pay. No matter what the cost of the policy, however, it’s sure to be much less than the cost of medical evacuation!

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Travel Insurance Options for Traveling Abroad

Travel insurance is just one of things that are necessary when traveling abroad. Travel insurance can be a very practical solution to providing protection for unexpected emergencies while traveling. This type of insurance protects your investment and allows individuals to travel with peace of mind. There are several options available for going abroad depending on the length and type of trip. Travelers can easily compare plans from leading providers, receive quotes and purchase a plan instantly. Travel insurance can insure against unexpected illness, injury, employment loss, luggage loss and more.

It can provide coverage for Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption. This insurance provides coverage due to unforeseen illnesses or death. Pre-departure trip cancellation insurance provides protection in the event of the traveler having to cancel flight or hotel reservations due to an immediate member of the family’s death or illness or other covered events. Trip interruption insurance provides benefits if the traveler is unable to continue the covered trip after departure due to covered events. As an option, there are companies that also provide policies that cover cancellation for any reason.

Another option available for travelers insurance is for medical emergencies. This type is beneficial particularly when visiting abroad. Insurance for medical emergencies will provide coverage for doctor visits, medication and even evacuation for medical emergencies. This is particularly important for individuals with chronic conditions or those traveling to underdeveloped countries. Travelers may also have the option of insurance that will provide coverage for tickets that are not refundable and the trip has to be cancelled. Some insurance will even cover missed flights, which can be, a life saver due to delays and overcrowding.

Baggage protection is another type of insurance available. This type of insurance covers direct loss, theft, and damage of your luggage during the covered trip. Travel Accident Protection is another insurance choice that is available. This type of insurance provides coverage for accidental death and dismemberment. This type of insurance provides protection if the traveler is injured in an accident and suffer a loss while covered under this type of plan. A comprehensive travel insurance plan is a great option and a very popular choice for vacationing abroad. This option can provide a wide range of insurance coverage and may even allow travelers to choose what options to incorporate which is why it such a popular choice.

There are several types of companies that offer insurance for travelers. Most travelers prefer to purchase this insurance directly from travel insurance agencies or companies. It is also offered by most companies that offer tours as they generally offer insurance to their clients. Major cruise lines as well offer the option to purchase travel insurance. Cruise line operators usually offer a host of plans to travelers when they schedule a cruise. Travelers can purchase insurance from a travel agent which is very convenient to purchase travel and insurance in one place.

Once you think about the high price of travel and the low price of insurance, this type of insurance is a very reasonable investment. There are plenty of things to worry about when traveling but by protecting your vacation plans with affordable traveling insurance, unforeseen events do not have to be one of them. Since it is not possible to foresee what may happen during travel, a insurance plan is a great value. Travel insurance can slash your losses in numerous situations.

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10 Tips to Buy the Smartest Travel Insurance Policy

Why invest in travel insurance?

Travel insurance is the backbone of your travel plan as you can not only be at peace but also can ask for compensation in case of any uncertain event occurring during your vacation. There are many benefits of investing in a suitable travel coverage plan. The frequency of uncertainties has increased these days. Terrorist attacks, thefts and robbery are some of the commonly happening events. You never know how bad you will be affected by such uncertain events while you are out in an unknown destination for a vacation. Insurance is a tool that helps you stay protected throughout your trip and offers you good amount of compensation in case of any emergency or an uncertain event. Nowadays, buying suitable travel coverage tops the list of any travel plan. The tourism industry in India is doing a great job by offering attractive travel packages to the residents. Buying a suitable travel insurance plan to match your vacation package has never been so easy before.

Buying travel insurance online

It takes just a few clicks online to search for available travel plans and compare them with their features and coverage details. Comparing available travel coverage plans through online quotes is the smartest way to search for the most suitable ones. As premium is the primary factor to consider, you can calculate the premiums associated with different plans by using the online calculators and invest in the smartest one.

Tips to buy online travel insurance

Here are some effective tips to buy travel insurance policy that suits your requirements:

• Before searching for the travel coverage policy, firstly decide about the place where you would like to spend your vacation at. After you finalize the travel destination, search for reputed travel companies online and ask for the variety of plans that they offer.

• For aged people, it is a must to opt for a plan that covers emergency charges and medical expenses along with ambulance and hospitalization fees.

• If you are a regular traveler, you can easily locate a discounted travel coverage policy.

• Your coverage elements would differ as per the place where you are planning to visit. For an adventure trip that includes activities like sea diving, mountain climbing and rafting, make sure that the policy covers compensation for loss of luggage and personal injury.

• There are different insurance policies for business travelers that usually cover compensation for loss of business related accessories and uncertain expenses.

• Students travel policies would cover uncertain events during their abroad visits for education.

• Family travel policies would offer compensation to your entire family against events like delay in flights, loss of checked baggage and interruptions due to hijack.

• Avail assurance from the insurance company that they would refund the tourism amount in case of cancellation of trip due to uncertain events.

• Be ready with your coverage checklist before applying for any travel coverage plan.

• Some insurance companies also offer pet insurance policies to travelers who want to take along their pets for the trip.

For a safe and peaceful journey, buying a suitable travel insurance policy is a must.

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3 Incredibly Simple Tips to Create Website Content That Will Rank

The sole purpose of developing a company website is so that it can be discovered by target audience members. In many cases, people go searching for sites that match their needs in the online search engine. Of course, there are many websites competing for that coveted search engine results page top spot.

It’s extremely hard, if not difficult to obtain that # 1 spot. Nevertheless, that does not mean that your site content cannot appear prominently within the search engines. The secret to getting your site to rank in the search engines is to concentrate on the material that the site provides. Quality content is what gets connected to and shared, and these are two crucial signals that the search engines take into consideration when ranking a page.

If you want your website content to rank high in the search engines, develop material that:

1 – Is Highly Original

The material that you produce is what can separate your business from the rest. If you are saying the same thing as 10 other websites obviously you will discover it hard to contend with them. Use your content as an avenue to stand out.

The more information that you share, the greater the possibilities are that somebody will want to interact with you. It’s no longer recommended to be deceptive about your business or how you operate. The businesses that are transparent about their practices through their content are the ones that easily attract visitors.

2 – Is Unreservedly Fresh

The sites that are populated with fresh content and are updated often are the ones that prosper today. A website ought to be an ongoing task, once it introduces do not think that the work is done.

Including fresh material to a website keeps both users and the search engines returning very frequently. Incorporating a blog into your site and updating it often is a fantastic way to ensure that your website remains “fresh”. Each blog post amounts to an extra page of your website that can appear in a search result.

3 – Focus On The Target Audience Members

Although you desire content to rank in the online search engine, you truly shouldn’t be thinking of this as your top priority. Writing for the search engines normally implies packing in keywords which will often backfire. It creates a bad user experience and raises a red flag to the search engine robots.

The goal ought to always be to write content that your target market members will want to read. Search for any opportunities to include keywords naturally as this comes across as more authentic.

Although the Google algorithms are continuously changing, the above 3 basics always stays the exact same.

An organization will evolve gradually, which suggests that the services as reflected on the website should evolve together with it. The site ought to always be a precise representation of the service at any possible point. If you eliminate or include a service or product that need to be reviewed on the site, it’s crucial to make sure that visitors have a delightful experience by offering the most up to date information. This will encourage them to come back, and allow you to convert visitors from mere browsers to devoted customers.

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6 Ways to Put Your Business Website to Work

The most important component of a company’s online strategy is its website. Unfortunately, many small businesses publish a website and then forget about it, even when promoting their products or services online. Using these tips, you can put your company’s website to work helping to sell the products or services your company offers.

Regularly Update Site

While it is important for content on a website to be informative, it is also important for it to be fresh. Updating your site on a regular basis with creative, informative content can attract a regular audience and it helps to increase your site’s search engine ranking. If your site cannot be easily updated, then you should have it replaced with one that can.

Add a Blog

One of the best ways to update your website is by writing blog posts. If there isn’t a blog currently on your website, one needs to be added so you can promote your company and the products or services it offers. Blog posts can be written by the same person or you can recruit different people from your company to add blog posts on a regular basis so your customers learn more about your business.

Hire Professional Help

Most small business owners seldom have time to dedicate to updating their website, but keeping its content fresh and updating product or service information is vital to your success. Instead of trying to maintain a website yourself, hire a digital marketing agency to update your company’s site. They can also manage your social media accounts and create online strategies to help increase your company’s revenues.

Allow Feedback

Most people like being able to read reviews about products or services they’re thinking of buying, especially if the reviews are written by a company’s customers. Allow your customers to add reviews or testimonials about your business and its products or services to the site. Even bad reviews can help boost your search engine ranking and it allows the company to find areas in which it needs to improve.

Vary Content

When web visitors click onto a website and find nothing but a sea of text, it can turn some of them off and they will leave the site within a few moments. The digital marketing agency you’ve hired can add different types of content to your site to make it more interactive. Adding videos, podcasts and images to break up the text can make your site more appealing.

Link to Social Media

If there are social media accounts for your business, then you need to have their icons on your website. This will entice many of your customers and web visitors to follow your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts. If you’re not using social media for your small business, then you need to open accounts to use them to promote your company.

Your business website is the hub of your internet presence. As such, it needs to work for you to draw new web visitors and help convert them into paying customers.

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How to Create and Set Up Your Salesletter







3.1 How to Create Your Salesletter

3.2.0 Purposes of a Salesletter

To Get Attention of Your Prospect(s)
To Build Trust
To Make Your Letter Memorable and Personal
To Identify the Problem(s)
To Provide the Solution(s)
To Present Your Credentials
To Show the benefits
To Give Social Proofs
To Make Your Offer
To Inject Scarcity
To Give a Guarantee
To Call to action
To Give a Warning
To Close With a Reminder
3.3 Components of a Salesletter
3.4 Finally, Organize Your Salesletter Properly

3.5 Setting up Your Salesletter





The salesletter is likened to the human replica of your sales team, though in proxy, it perfectly does the work of a salesman. If properly crafted and set up correctly, it will work 24/7 to enrich your business with profits untold.


To discuss:

in clear terms the correct way to write a salesletter
How to set it up once and for all to run your business without further human intervention.
The importance of a salesletter in an online business

3.1 How to Create Your Salesletter

By now I am pretty sure you know what a sales letter is. But for the purpose of refreshing everyone’s mind I am going to go over it once more, but only briefly.

A salesletter is the next long and extensive (but sometimes short) page that you see immediately after signing up for more information on a product or service, or after responding to a text message (sms) sent to your phone in some cases.

A sales letter is certain type of salesman sent to a prospect with the intention of convincing him or her to become your costumer i.e. to buy your product or service. In the case of Online Business, it is usually in a printable digital form. The digital sales letter may take either of these formats:

an email (usually as short as possible or
webpage (usually as long as possible).
As far as internet marketing is concern our reference to salesletter from this point forward will be more about the later rather than the former.
So please, take note of the following points as you set out to learn this vital skill in internet marketing:

- that writing sales letter is an art as well as science.

- it may take some times for you to reach the Masters’ level. But you can however compete with the masters from the onset using cheat-sheets. Yes, that is one of the advantages that internet business offers over other types of businesses.

- infact, it is advisable to use cheat-sheets when you are just starting out on your first information product or you can pay someone else to write for you as you learn along.

- you can also download or copy sales letters of other people’s products sent to you and keep them in a swipe file for learning purposes.

3.2.0 Purposes of a Salesletter

Generally speaking, sales letter is meant to fulfil the following purposes:

To Get Attention of Your Prospect(s)with Great Headline and Promises that Demands Attention. Add some ‘teasers’ that get them hooked and drag them in to read down to the end of your plot. As already mentioned above you can develop this skill over time by keeping a swipe file that collects great headlines by other marketers on your chosen market niche.
To Build Trust
Remember when buying from or selling on the Internet, all the parties are dealing with complete strangers. So you must build enough trust and bolster confidence before your prospects to be able to convince him to buy from you.
To Make Your Letter Memorable and Personal
This means giving your clients enough reasons to stay reading and long after thinking of your salesletter. Always write in the first person using active voice and never in second or third person using passive voice. Speak as if you are talking to one person directly in front of you.
For example, people selling beauty information can say ’10 top secrets of Miss United States of America Beautiful Skin and How Your Skin Can Benefit From These Highly-Guarded Secrets’, ‘I Will Expose to You the 10 top secrets of Miss World Beautiful Skin’, ’10 top secrets of Miss Nigeria Beautiful Skin That Can Suddenly Bring You to Spotlight on Your Next Outing’ or whatever market/country that you are focusing on.

You should also add colours to make your salesletter impressive and attractive.

To Identify the Problem(s)
You can use story (ies) or mention it directly as soon as possible in your opening paragraphs. Take enough time to paint a gruesome and painful picture of the problem and end up with why he/she need an urgent solution to it.
I have already noted that you should write your salesletter in the first person and it is worth repeating here that you should be in your prospect’s position while you are writing: use I and you and talk as if you are in his shoes and you know very well where it hurts him. Use informal style as if you are talking to your friend.

To Provide the Solution(s)
A succinct description and positioning of your product/affiliate product as the real solution to your prospect’s problem.
To Present Your Credentials
Your experience in the business and how many people you have been able to help solve similar problems. Aim at convincing your prospect that you are the right man to help him solve his problem.
To Show the benefits
Emphasize the benefits and not the features of your product in your bid to convince your prospect on how the product will help to solve his/her problems and take him/her from the position that he/she is now to where he/she wants to be in a specified period of time.
To Give Social Proofs
Provide them with testimonies, comments and praises from people who have used your product with positive results.
To Make Your Offer
Your price – in a step-by-step manner compared it to similar product in the same market niche. Attempt to prove to them that your offer is ten times better priced (not necessarily cheaper) than others in the market. It is a given that when selling a product your salespage should promote one product only. But even if you are selling a service or services this principle still holds.
But if you have a compelling reason to promote more than one product, make sure your universal selling point (USP) is on one product only, but you can highlight one or two other services that you are also offering on the sidelines, with extremely minimal emphasis only e.g. ads, OTO or downsales that show up just about when the visitor is exiting from your sales page.

To Inject Scarcity
I am sure you have seen those count-down buttons when you visit a web-page or have been told that the web-page will be taken down in 72 hours and that it will never be seen again by you – if you don’t buy now. There are cheap and easy ways to put that in your salespage.
Attempt to warm up your prospect from the cold mood to a hot mood that makes it easier for him to enter the buying mood resulting in his pulling out his Credit/Debit Card to buy as soon as possible.

To Give a Guarantee
Of satisfaction or money-back-guarantee. Do not be afraid to give money-back-guarantee, it will not affect your profitability. If at all, it will affect it in a positive way. Tell the prospect in clear terms that he can ask and get his money back in full if for any reason he is not satisfied after using your product.
To Call to action
Tell your prospect precisely what to do, state it in a step-by-step manner =>1. Click here=>2. Fill out the form=> 3. Make payment with this or that=>4. Check your email for confirmation or for the product, etc., etc.
To Give a Warning
Another purpose of the salesletter is give your prospect some kind of warning, e.g. the price will go up in 72 hours, etc.
Fear of loss, pains and the promise of gain are powerful basic universal motivations, so always position your product to reinforce these emotions to your marketing unfair advantage.

To Close With a Reminder
This is where you write your PS, PPS, PPPS, etc. emphasizing as briefly as possible the salient points of your salesletter such as the benefits, scarcity, the guarantee, etc.
Please always keep in mind that writing a powerful and highly successful salesletter is a science as well as an art. I have just given you the skeleton of that science, but practicing it in your business will complete the other side of the coin – the art.

Practice makes perfect.

Also remember that testing, testing, testing is the Golden Key that will unlock what works in your niche.

So start practicing these principles step by step. You will be pleasantly surprised soon, when you see yourself among the masters, and that, sooner than you had envisaged.

Always make it easy for people to contact you directly if they have any reason to do so before and after they have bought your product. Open up such channels of communication such as Email, skype, Facebook Fanpage, Phone number, etc.

3.3 Components of a Salesletter

Whichever stage that you may be in terms of your skillset, you will always notice that most Salesletter have certain recurring components and your own should not be too different.

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5 Common SEO Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Over the past few years, SEO has evolved faster than the previous decade. And this has made it harder for users to keep up with most recent updates. The launch of Penguin and Panda changed the way things worked in the past. In short, the way Google used to rank website has changed a lot. But if you want to reach your objectives, make sure you avoid some common SEO mistakes.


In the start, Google said that it would rank websites that have the most relevant content on its first page. This statement is still valid. What has happened is that the search engine has become a lot better at achieving the objectives. In other words, now, Google is in better position to know what is relevant and what is not.

So, what you need to do is offer content that is relevant and avoid content is not relevant to your niche. Of course, the content should be informative and unique.

2. Following Tricks

People have been using many illegal ways of cheating the search engine algorithms for traffic, exposure and backlinks. Some of these tactics can still give you a temporary edge, but they are bad for your blog or website for the long-term.

So, you should avoid using low-quality, duplicate content, keyword stuffing, questionable redirects or cloaking for traffic. It may be tempting to go for these short-cuts, but they will just hurt your ranking, and may even get you banned for good.

3. Overloading your site

It has been a common perception that photos, videos and other graphics make a website more appealing for the viewers. To some extent, this perception is true; however, there should not be too much of it or your website will take ages to load. Your viewers don’t have all day to wait for your site to load. If your blog takes longer to load than other websites, the viewers will just click away. You will not only lose viewers, you will also lose ranking against other websites.

4. Making navigation difficult

Navigation is one of the most important factors for any website. It’s important for both viewers and search engines. Ideally, your viewers should be able to get the desired information from your website in one or two clicks. This may not be an easy task for you. So, what you can do is put important content on the main page of your site. This the users will be able to get what they want more easily.

5. Misunderstanding THE BACKLINK PROCESS

You may not want to be obsessed with obtaining a lot of backlinks. Although you don’t have to have backlinks from authority websites to establish your credibility, it helps a lot. However, what you need to do is try to get backclinks in a nature fashion. But it’s not a good idea to buy backlinks. This is one of the worst mistakes that you can make.

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Image Optimization for SEO – Best Practices

Quality content is the key to SEO success. Content doesn’t just mean your text contents. Images must be an integral part of your content strategy. At times, single images can be far more effective than your 1000 word blog post. It also helps you improve blog post quality and performance.

Images, Infographics, Videos and all other multimedia contents on your web page will help you in increasing the user engagement on your site and makes the visitors stay on your site for longer duration which helps in reducing the bounce rate.

Not just adding images to your contents, you should also optimize those images for better SEO performance. Optimization of images must be the one important aspect of your on-page SEO process.

If you are using images in your content, there are many aspects to be considered related to SEO.


Using images doesn’t mean that you should fill up your content with loads of pictures. You should use it only when it is required and also you should use images that are more relevant to your content.

Placement of your images is an another important aspect. It should be placed at a relevant location in your content according to your text content.

Use original images

Originality always helps in improving your user experience and your authority. Usage of original images will be helpful in improving your SEO performance. You can create original images with a graphic designer or you can take your own photographs with a quality camera. It is the reason top White hat SEO companies employ talented graphic designers for creating quality images.

If you are not able to employ an in-house graphic designer or if you are running out of time, you can always use high quality images from the web. But the important factor to be considered is it should be copyright free.

There are many tools available for getting copyright free images without any cost. The most popular ones are Unsplash, Flicker, Freeimages.

Image Size

Images are the main source for damping your site’s speed. And site speed is a crucial factor in your SEO performance. So, you should be extra cautious in using images without compromising your page speed.

It should not also affect your image quality, you should have a correct balance between. You can achieve this by reducing the file size by compression. You can use tools like Photoshop for compression.

File name

Search engine crawlers are visually impaired, it can even interrupt a 5000 word text content, but it cannot interrupt a single image and what the image is about. It is the reason using a keyword rich file names for your images is an important aspect in image optimization.

Google bots and other search engine crawlers can read your image’s file name and if it is named with your target keyword, it gives a signal to search engines about the image topic and thus helps your SEO performance.

For example, if your image is related to selling sports shoes, rather than using the file name as “IMG_89868″ you can use it as “Black_Tennis_Shoes”.

Alt text

Similar to the file name, search engines can read Alt text of the images. Alt text is known as “Aleternative Text”, is an HTML attribute used to describe the content of images.

You should use Alt text which is relevant to your images and it should be clear and descriptive. You can use your target keywords in the Alt text but be cautious about Keyword stuffing.

If you are not focusing on Image optimization, you are missing a huge opportunity in improving your SEO performance. You can use above mentioned best practices in your on-page optimization process.

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